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Before your first visit, you will need to complete a couple of forms. You may do this prior to your first visit by arriving early and completing them in our office, or you can access them here and bring them to your appointment.

Few investments provide the excellent cosmetic, psychological, and economic benefits provided by a healthy, attractive smile. We are committed to making your care rewarding and affordable.

Your First Appointment

Tulare Dentist
Tulare Dentist
Tulare Dentist
Tulare Dentist
Tulare Dentist




At your first visit, Dr. Martin will examine your:

Dr. Martin will listen to your concerns, present her recommendations, and answer any questions you might have regarding:

  • Treatment needs

  • Treatment options - including no treatment at all

  • Estimated treatment time

  • Treatment cost

  • Payment options

  • Insurance benefits

  • Diagnostic records

  • Facial pattern

  • Jaw size, form, and position

  • Dental and skeletal symmetry

  • Smile

  • Bite and tooth alignment

  • Jaw joint (TMJ) and dental function

  • Airway function

Our Insurance Policy

We accept direct assignment of orthodontic benefits from most insurance plans and submit insurance claims for you. The unpaid balance after insurance assignment will be arranged for you to pay directly.

Tulare Dentist
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